Thinking... and shit
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Thinking... and shit

A place to put ideas up for discussion. Though criticalness is a necessity... lets think productively
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 Sequential Circuits

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PostSubject: Sequential Circuits   Sequential Circuits I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 11:07 am

Some random writing


understanding the emotions of humans.
what is love?
how about inadequacy?
feeling of shame / guilt?

tying this in which my understanding of religion and philosophy
(existentialism being a huge factor)

revolutions… we all want one…. energy?

Is there something about the phenomena of thought… other than self fulfilling

you think… therefore you do…

you act… therefore you think… ergo you create your essence (Nietzche's theory)

master your thinking to tap into your core

understand your essence

lol self affirmations?

cognitive psychology...

Collective Consciousness...

how far is sci fi from being pertinent abstractions of thought

Communication... how do we communicate as a whole... how is that changing....

for the good / for the bad?

technology... comfort or "silent killer" cheers

purpose for doing anything? motivation? self actualization

can computers be aware? are we robots?

did aliens or higher beings create us?

do we evolve and reconnect like that movie "The Knowing"

How much can science tell us about our true nature... what to say of natural philosophers like Newton... how did he do what he did... how did he think....

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Sequential Circuits
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