Thinking... and shit
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Thinking... and shit

A place to put ideas up for discussion. Though criticalness is a necessity... lets think productively
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 Themes fitting for a Self Help Book.

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Themes fitting for a Self Help Book. Empty
PostSubject: Themes fitting for a Self Help Book.   Themes fitting for a Self Help Book. I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 4:37 pm



Children are curious, they don't judge.

Moral relativism:
A bunch of self help books nowadays are all... yep, you were right, you ARE right.
I don't know about you, but I've always known I was right.
Parents and adults were always trying to tell me about morals and all, and I'd be all, but this. And they would not get that I did understand why they were advocating lawful good alignment, but that obviously chaotic neutral or chaotic good have the most long term potential.

Playing piano when I was younger probably brought me where I am today.
I believe that if you increase the firing rate of your fingers, your thinking will be faster or higher quality.
This must! (lawl) be the reason why I can play vidja gaemz so much while I am at school.
So yeah, tap your fingers really fast during class. Who cares? Back in k-12, kids would be like why are you so fidgety. Um, duh, cause I'm smarter than you. IDGAF.

That would have been a good place to stop, but I also want to say...
Diverge your eyes. Y'know. Do that... Magic Eye (tm) thing.
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Themes fitting for a Self Help Book. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Themes fitting for a Self Help Book.   Themes fitting for a Self Help Book. I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 8:53 pm

I played stepmania reading at around 600 BPM and I believe it helps me to process information faster so I see where you are coming from. Although, piano takes a lot more skill than DDR with the fingers. I've always been envious of piano players, I didn't have the finger coordination for it. But I laugh at the general population and their inadequacy when it comes to education. The ignorant masses' retention rate is astoundingly low.
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PostSubject: People don't know how to think?   Themes fitting for a Self Help Book. I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 2:31 pm

Lol... people are programmed and conditioned to think... hell even the way they form thoughts (i.e. the language they assimilate) has infinite repercussions on their cognitive functioning.

-Practical approach to living
* what is necessary?
* what is proper?
* what is good?

What is necessary?

The strongest motivator for any organism is survival. For simple organisms a simple meal and shelter are dominating enough concerns that leisure isn't a concern. Although young animals do show signs of play-fullness in the wild, the caretaker is always more concerned about the next meal.

In existentialism, Kierkegaard believes an infinite concern with one's existence is the drive to living. For animals this necessity is simpler. Their concern for their existence is 'limited'.... However, the cognitive potential of humans allows us to assimilate and create a perpetual wave of thought. This thought follows both top down and bottom up hierarchies.

This convergence of thought occurs at the center of cognitive processing. Not to say it's localized in the cerebral frontal lobs, but where ever true thought happens that produces certain waves.

Some speculate that these waves:

or maybe another frequency / bandwidth... but it's commonly accepted that the brain does operate at different frequencies. Much like a dynamic processor.

Shamanism: Mind Tomez

Ever play a Blizzard game? Pick up a Tomb of Teleportation.

Possibly a grimore of fireball? Pika Fire.


How much of what we process can be understood from internal experience. As Gu so wisely stated, alot of people are idiots that try to project their idiot opinion onto you... with truly no basis for their idiotic point of view. /rant off

Nevertheless, Yoga shows that seperating yourself from your environment allows you to experience certain modes of thought. Much like Emerson who retreated into the woods to write whimsical pieces on Nature, Sramanas (- removed… aloof from external influences) take the time to logically think through their views.

Affects of Drugs on this 'Meditation' :

Obviously psychedelics and even weed can have mind expanding affects.

Geometric Patterns... why? What are the 'mechanics' of visualizations... and if any... what is their significance?

Example of 15 minute bike ride:

dmt: enter the void

shamanism? death of conciousness? removal of ego? Freedom of thought? Infinite passion? Enlightenment? Meaning? Transient Bliss? Eternal Euphoria?
These are just words. And language is just a mode of expression. To give structure to the raw.

What is raw... its a sound a dinosaur makes when he opens his mouth.

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Themes fitting for a Self Help Book. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Themes fitting for a Self Help Book.   Themes fitting for a Self Help Book. I_icon_minitime

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Themes fitting for a Self Help Book.
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